Whether you’re perfectly healthy or struggle with Parkinson’s disease

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My experience with the game of golf is incredibly limited. I’ve done it twice. But what I’d like to expound on today is what a short article in the New York Times about Michael J. …

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“I’m so angry. And I have no idea where to put it.”

This was Della Street, the firebrand character on HBO’s new Perry Mason series, lamenting the state of her world just a few days into her team’s defense on a murder trial with all the odds stacked against them.

And it’s looking less and less likely by the day

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When the country largely shut down in March and April of this year to try and contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, many people were let go from their jobs. …

Trump threats, demands, and tantrums will lead to sickness and death

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A few weeks back, the culture at large seeming to realize that the coronavirus isn’t going to “just disappear,” there started to be some nuanced, thoughtful conversation around the subject of how to get kids back to school safely.

We must commit to the physical act of voting if we want to oust the racist, fascist dictator who currently occupies the Oval Office

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Donald Trump has dedicated 2020 to proving himself the worst American president ever elected.

He has stoked the fires of racial and partisan divide. He has…

The highest office in the land is currently held by a white supremacist.

That Trump is “casually racist” can be seen pretty much daily. And for those of us who might have parents or grandparents his age, and might from time to time (probably not every day, even then) hear…

Learning what takes up a lot of your time — and what doesn’t

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Do you know where your time goes in a day, a week, a year? If you start any sort of (effective) weight loss program, one of the first steps is to record what you eat for several…

Or others’ racism. Or homophobia. Or ableism, or southpawism…

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In the wake of the 2020 Democratic primaries, one of the many anxieties I’m left with is how we put our assumptions about other peoples’ -isms front and center in our decision-making process.

Much has been written about how the recent…

Especially if you have kids

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I sometimes feel like I’ve regressed to a 1950s housewife.

And I don’t even have kids.

I’m unemployed, and my partner works. He works from home due to the pandemic, but he is still gainfully employed — thank god.

Our home life is very happy…

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